National Flood Services

Trident Flood Claim Dashboard and Portal

Project Overview

The NFS Agent Policy Portal is a web-based tool designed to streamline the management of insurance policies for agents and brokers. The portal provides a centralized platform for accessing policy information, processing policy changes, and generating reports. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, the NFS Agent Policy Portal enhances efficiency and productivity for insurance professionals, allowing them to focus more on serving their clients

Agent Task Dashboard
Filters claims based on due date or claims requiring agent's or manager's approval.
Task Detail
Detail view of the claim requiring attention. The section to be reviewed includes a task prompt panel providing context on necessary actions and options for the agent to take action.

Policy Detail
After searching for a customer policy using Name, Policy # or property Address the agent is able to view that customers policy details, coverage amounts and estimate payout based on the damages. The tracker at the top of the claim indicates the stage it is in and the right rail tool indicates the customers payment mailing address if ACH was not possible (this was important because people do not usually stay in a house that has experienced flood damages) this was discovered during the research and interviewing I performed with claims agents. Surprisingly many payments were sent to addresses the customers were not physically at which was costing the business over $300K per year in stop payments and postage costs.
Claim Detail
View of all features on a claim. including a document and notes drawer. editable tables and fields and a payout estimator based on images and floor plans imported from xactimate software API.

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